Fakultät für Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften

Current PhD-Projects

  • Hanrahan, Anna. Narrating Irish Identity in Celtic Tiger Drama.
  • Kerski, Eva. The Representation of Family Concepts in Post-Conflict Irish Drama.
  • Preuß, Lukas. Dislocated Irishness: Nation, Race, and the Politics of Contemporary Irish-American Identity Fiction

Completed PhD-Projects

Completed MA-Projects

  • Jörgens, Silke (MEd, 2020), “Louise O’Neill’s Asking for It and Anna Burns’s Milkman: Two Irish Trauma Narratives in Comparison” (supervisors: K. Rennhak and S. Heinen)
  • Riesch, Melanie A. (MEd, 2020), „Three Perspectives on Education around 1800: The Politics and Aesthetics of Wollstonecraft, Edgeworth and Martineau“ (supervisors: K. Rennhak and B. Spengler)
  • El-Fourasi, Malika (MA Editions- und Dokumentwissenschaft, 2019), “Walter Macken: Short Stories. Eine kritische (Teil)Edition” (supervisors: W. Lukas and K. Rennhak)
  • Vöcking, Jan (MEd, 2019), “The Gendering of Identity Crises in Sebastian Barry’s ‘Dunne Series’” (supervisors: K. Rennhak and S. Heinen)
  • Frey, Jennifer (Med, 2019) “Contemporary Irish Trauma Fiction: Patrick McCabe, The Butcher Boy (1992), Anne Enright, The Gathering (2007) and Sebastian Barry, The Secret Scripture (2008)” (supervisors: K. Rennhak and S. Heinen)
  • Schmitz, Lena (MEd, 2017), „Women in Exile: The Semantics of Space in Colm Tóibín’s Brooklyn and Sebastian Barry's On Canaan's Side“ (supervisors: K. Rennhak and S. Heinen)
  • Marschall, Leandra (MEd, 2017), “Gender and Exile: Three Contemporary Novels of Development” [McCourt, Angela's Ashes (1996), O'Brien The Light of Evening (2006), Tóibín, Brooklyn (2009)] (supervisors: K. Rennhak and R. Sommer)
  • Niesen, Yvonne (MA A/A, 2017), „Representing Gender in the 21st Century in Three Historical Novels about the Famine“ (supervisors: K. Rennhak and R. Sommer)
  • Kerski, Eva (MA Editions- und Dokumentwissenschaft, 2015), “Teiledition der Typoskripte zu Walter Mackens ‘The Scorching Wind’ aus dem Macken-Nachlass der Universitätsbibliothek Wuppertal” (supervisors R. Nutt-Kofoth and K. Rennhak)
  • Wibbing, Frankziska (MEd, 2013), „Reconstructing Irish History in Selected Novels by Sebastian Barry“ (supervisors: K. Rennhak and R. Sommer)

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