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Bergische Universität Wuppertal


Thursday, 16 June

10:00               Welcome Addresses

                        Sandra Heinen, Lance Pettitt, and Katharina Rennhak
                        (Irish Studies at the University of Wuppertal)

                        Patrick Jacques, Head of Finance Policy Unit, Embassy of Ireland

                        Michael Scheffel, Vice-President for Research, Third-Party
                        Funding, and Graduate Studies (University of Wuppertal)

                        Ursula Kocher, Dean of the School of Humanities
                        (University of Wuppertal)

                        Roy Sommer, Center for Narrative Research (University of

10:30-11:30     The Irish Border: Historiographical Narratives
                        Chair: Cóilín Parsons, Georgetown University

                        MARY E. DALY (University College Dublin),
                        'A Third Country': Irish Border Communities 1921-2021

                        PETER LEARY (Oxford Brookes University)
                        A 'territory of wits' and Daring-Do: The Irish Border as a Ludicrous Line


12:00-13:00     The Irish Border: Juridical and Sociological Narratives
Chair: Christina Morin, University of Limerick

                        ORAN DOYLE (Trinity College, Dublin),
                        Mapping the Jural Border between Ireland and Northern Ireland

                        PETER SHIRLOW (Liverpool University, Institute of Irish Studies)
                        Northern Ireland: A Re-Imagined Place?


14:30-15:30     Irish Border Narratives on TV and in the Cinema (I)
                        Chair: Ralf Haekel, University of Leipzig

                        CIARA NICOLE CHAMBERS (University College Cork)
                        Ulster versus Éire: Partitionist Narratives in Cinema Newsreels

                        LENNART SOBERON (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)
                        Backroads and Buried Pasts: A Thematic Analysis of the Irish Border on Film

15:30-16:30     Irish Border Narratives on TV and in the Cinema (II)
                        Chair: Maria Eisenmann, University of Würzburg

                       LANCE PETTITT (University of Wuppertal/Birkbeck, University of London)
                       Dramatising 1970s Border Narratives: Eugene McCabe's Victims Trilogy

                       KIRSTEN SANDROCK (University of Göttingen)
                       Borders as Palimpsests: Symbolic Layering in Kenneth Branagh's
                       Belfast (2021)


17:00-18:00    Irish Border Narratives in the Media

                       TONY CONNELLY (Europe editor, RTÉ), KATHARINA PEETZ (freelance   
                       journalist, mostly Deutschlandradio) and WILLI WINKLER (Süddeutsche
                       Zeitung) in Conversation with LANCE PETTITT and KATHARINA

18:15              Staging Irish Border Narratives (Irish Itinerary Roundtable Discussion)
                       OISÍN KEARNEY in Conversation with SANDRA HEINEN (University of

Friday, 17 June

10:00-11:00    Imagining Global Borders in Irish Fiction
                      Chair: Michelle Witen, Europa Universität Flensburg

                      CHRISTINA MORIN (University of Limerick)
                      At Home and Abroad: Irish Gothic in the Global Nineteenth Century

                      CÓILÍN PARSONS (Georgetown University; Global Irish Studies)
                      Dissolving Borders: Ulysses, Postcolonialism, and the Global South


11:30-12:30   The Politics and Aesthetics of Recent Irish Border Narratives (I)
                      Chair: Kirsten Sandrock, University of Göttingen

                     JOHN BRANNIGAN (University College Dublin)
                      The Irish Sea Border

                      CAROLINE LUSIN (University of Mannheim)
                      Achilles on the Shores of Eire: Borders, the Iliad and the Oresteia in Contemporary Irish Fiction


14:00-15:00  The Politics and Aesthetics of Recent Irish Border Narratives (II)
                     Chair: Lennart Soberon, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

                      KATHARINA RENNHAK (University of Wuppertal)
                      (Para-)Military Masculinity and Male Agency in Recent Irish Border Narratives

                      JESSICA BUNDSCHUH (University of Stuttgart)
                      The Shifting Borders of the Irish Prose Poem Sequence in Eamon
                      Grennan's Plainchant

15:15-16:00    Irish Border Narratives and Irish Studies in Germany: Concluding
                      Roundtable Discussion

                      Chairs: Lance Pettitt, University of Wuppertal/Birkbeck, University of London and
                      Katharina Rennhak, University of Wuppertal

                      MARIA EISENMANN (University of Würzburg), RALF HAEKEL (University
                      of Leipzig), ROY SOMMER (University of Wuppertal), MICHELLE
 (Europa Universität Flensburg)

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